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   Department of Public Safety JESS L. ANDERSON
○ spouses and children of first responders; and State of Utah ○ first responders who have retired from the agency.
C. Agency accountability is requested quarterly and includes that an agency does the SPENCER J. COX
Governor following: DEIDRE M. HENDERSON
● maintain records for five years sufficient to show how the funding is used;
Lieutenant Governor ●
● provide a quarterly report to the committee that includes:
cooperate with the committee if and when the committee determines it is necessary
to audit agency records or evaluate the use of the funding; and
○ the amount of the grant funding;
○ the amount of grant funding expended by the agency and the purpose for
which the grant funding was spent;
The Department of Public Safety has formed a Mental Health Resources for First Responders
○ the amount of the grant funding not yet expended;
Grant Funding Committee composed of individuals representing various organizations throughout
○ the number of first responders, family members, and retired first responders the first responder community. The committee shall assist the department in reviewing
served; and
applications and recommending grant award amounts to first responder agencies under the new
○ the types of services provided.
Utah Code §53-21-103. Please be aware that time is of the essence in submitting applications. The
committee will start meeting quarterly to review and award funding, beginning during the fourth
Regarding the above guidelines, please answer the questions in the application link. quarter of the calendar year 2022. Also, note all grants are limited to one-time funding.
Supporting documentation may be sent to in addition to any Grant application guidelines:
questions you may have.
A. First responder agencies or a group of first responder agencies may jointly apply for grant funding to provide mental health resources for first responders. If a group of agencies applies:
● The group of agencies shall designate one first responder agency as the lead agency.
● The lead agency shall:
○ take responsibility for applying for grant funding on behalf of the group of first responder agencies;
○ provide oversight of the mental health resources program for the group of agencies; and
○ provide a quarterly report for all agencies to the committee.
B. If establishing a new program or expanding an existing program, the applicant will need to
provide details of how the proposed plan will offer or expand mental health resources to first responders. Please indicate how the proposal will require mental health providers contracted or employed by the first responder agency to have training and experience in working with first responders and how the proposal will provide, at a minimum, the following services as required under §53-21-103(2):
● regular periodic screenings for all employees within the first responder agency;
● assessments and availability of mental health services for personnel directly
involved in a critical incident within 12 hours of the incident; and
● access to the mental health program for:
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