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            Certification Recognition
  We want to give a BIG shout out “THANK YOU!” to all the individuals who helped with the development of our new Technical Rescue Standards: Surface Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, Ice Rescue, Trench Rescue, Com- mon Passenger Vehicle Rescue, Heavy Vehicle Rescue, and Rope Rescue.
Jason Buhler
TJ Brewer
Tyson Frazier
Ron Harris
Joshua Hicken Krista Horting
Phil Mabbitt William Mackintosh Kris Maxfield Robert Pitcher Jason Putman Tanner Ricks
Wade Rigby
Brandon Valley Chris Whetton David Youngberg
The was a big accomplishment, as each Tech- nical Rescue level included Awareness, Opera- tions, and Technician levels. Each specialized committee member spent hours reviewing test bank questions, correlating questions and skills to the new NFPA 1006, 2021 edition standard, and developing team evolutions and individual skills to meet the requirements of the NFPA standard. We appreciate all their ex- pertise, knowledge, and skills. THANK YOU!
Note: Confined Space, Structural Collapse, and Machinery review will begin in the Winter of 2023.
Wildland Firefighter I & II
The Wildland Firefighter I & II standard was updated to the new NFPA 1140, 2022 edition.
Many of the skills remained the same as in
the previous standard. Please take note to the new training record. Another big thanks to the committee members who made this possible:
Dan Cather Riley Pilgrim Earl Levanger Wade Snyder Mike DeGering
Training Records Updated
Please note that the new training records for Technical Rescue (water rescue, trench, ropes, and vehicle extrication) and Wildland Fire- fighter I & II have been updated in September 2022 and will be posted online as soon as they are each approved by Pro Board.
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