Page 28 - UFRA Straight Tip Fall 2022 - Volume 23 Issue 4
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    Climbing the Ladder
Hurricane Valley Fire SSD
     New Hires
Hurricane Valley Fire would like to recognize several new hires. Con- gratulations!
Firefighter/Para- medic Zoey Arwine
Firefighter/EMT Frederic Devantier
Firefighter/AEMT Jonathon Hanagan
Firefighter/EMT Ian Moss
Daniel Barlow— Captain
Firefighter/EMT Garett Billings
Firefighter/Para- medic Colby Evans
Firefighter/AEMT Jeffrey Leavitt
Firefighter/EMT Andrew Shupe
Haven Barlow— Lieutenant
Firefighter/EMT Payton Billings
Firefighter/EMT Kadin Guard
Firefighter/EMT Kadin Lemmon
Firefighter/EMT Taylor Welcome
Lorenzo Barlow— Lieutenant
Firefighter/EMT Steve Boles
Firefighter/EMT Wyatt Hallam
Firefighter/EMT Jeffrey Lytle
Firefighter/EMT Wesley Whipple
Melvin Barlow— Captain
Firefighter/Paramedic Rocco D'Amato
Firefighter/Paramedic Shem Hammon
Firefighter/EMT Cedric Meldrum
We would like to congratulate the following on their recent promotions.
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Dominick Draper— Captain

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