Page 29 - UFRA Straight Tip Fall 2022 - Volume 23 Issue 4
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       Randy Hancey— Kendrick Johnson Brandon Kuhl- Chad Oliphant— Marc Rose— Jesse Stout— Captain —Lieutenant mann—Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant Lieutenant
Tooele City Volunteer Fire Department
On June 15, 2022, Matt McCoy was sworn in as Tooele City’s first full-time fire chief.
Layton City Fire Department
It is with great pleasure that we recognize several of our members for their years of service. Battalion Chief Brad Wilkes and Battalion Chief Jason Cook with 30 years! Captain Cyle Hall and Captain Roxanne Bauman with
20 years! Firefighter Kolten Smith and Firefighter Nathan Barlow with 5 years! Thank you for your years of dedication and service to the city, department, and community. Congratulations!
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