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   Climbing the Ladder
Saratoga Springs Fire Department
Isaac Ostler was recently promoted to the position of critical care paramedic. Isaac graduated from Utah Valley University’s Recruit Candidate
Academy Class 79 and Paramedic Class 42. His employment history includes positions with Gold Cross Ambulance as well as Spring- ville Fire. Isaac enjoys camping and has a passion for fire/EMS and community service. He is excited to continue serving the citizens of Saratoga Springs by bringing a higher level of care with his new position. Isaac would like to thank the support of his crew and everyone that helped him along the way.
Ashley Green is a new hire and is currently attending UVU’s paramedic program. Ashley has previously worked as a medical assistant at the Univer-
sity of Utah and enjoys volleyball, pickleball, softball, and reading. She would like to even- tually continue her education and work as a flight medic as well as obtain a nursing degree later in her career.
David McNamara
is one of the three paramedics promoted to the critical care paramedic position. He has been in EMS/ fire since 2018 and
graduated with a bachelor’s degree from UVU in 2021. David loves home improvement proj- ects and playing pickleball any time he can. He’s been married for seven years to his wife Kilynne, and they have four children together, including a set of twin boys. David is excited about his new position and being part of the new critical care program.
Cache Kenemore
is a new hire and currently certified as an advanced EMT. He is enrolled in paramedic school and has previously
worked for both Gold Cross Ambulance and Mapleton Fire. His interests include climb- ing, gardening, cooking, and most things outdoors. Cache is “excited to be working for the best department in Utah.”
Robbie Locy comes
to us from Florida
as a new hire for the position of fire- fighter/paramedic. His background includes military service and
fire and rescue as well as ocean rescue. Robbie enjoys the snow that Utah offers and spends his time snowboarding, mountain biking, surf- ing, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors.
Brayden Spencer was recently promoted
to the position of critical care para- medic. Brayden has
a bright personality
and brings with him eight years of experience from both Spring-
ville Fire and Saratoga Springs Fire. Brayden enjoys long-range shooting, hunting, fishing, and smoking meats. He would like to thank his wife Kylee for her support as he earned his critical care certification and through his promotional process.
Engineer Jim (Jimmie) Higgins has been promoted to Captain
HazMat Firefighter Mark Leppard
has been promoted to Captain
Captain Robert (Rob) Stafford has been promoted to Battalion Chief
Captain Tyler (Ty) Shepherd has been promoted to Battalion Chief
       Salt Lake City Fire Department
 Left to Right: Captain Higgins, Captain Leppard, Fire Chief Karl Lieb, Battalion Chief Stafford, and Bat- talion Chief Shepherd
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